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 Body on Body Massage: A Holistic Approach to Relaxation and Wellness 

A body on body massage, also known as a body-to-body massage, is a type of massage that is typically performed without any clothing, using oils or lotions to help the hands glide smoothly over the skin. This Sensual massage involves the use of the therapist’s body to apply pressure and provide relaxation to the client which will promote relaxation, reduce stress, and alleviate pain.


This massage technique involves the therapist using their hands, forearms, elbows, feet, or even knees to apply pressure to the client’s body. By using their own body weight, the therapist can provide a deeper and more effective massage than traditional techniques. This type of massage requires skill and training, as the therapist needs to be able to read the client’s body language and respond accordingly.


As far as physical benefits go, this sensual body to body massage can help to release tension and stress in the muscles. One benefit of a body on body massage is that it can provide a deeper level of relaxation than traditional massage techniques. The use of the therapist’s naked body means that pressure can be applied more evenly across the entire body, providing a more thorough and complete massage experience.


With Singa Studios in Cape Town, our beautiful ladies provide you with a sensuous, nude, full-body massage that you will never forget. A studio that offers nude sensual massage by beautiful masseuses, with all the sensuality, yet without the stigma of providing full-blown sex. We aim to remove the ‘brothel’ association made with all massage studios and we even encourage our male clients to bring their wives or partners along to experience our Couple Massage treatments.