Nude Sensual Massage Cape Town | Singa Studios

 Erotic Couples Moja Massage to awaken your senses 

Having to find ways to help your partner and yourself relax during stressful times has never been so easy. Singa Studios has the solution in the form of the most top tier sensual massage for couples with heavenly Singa Body Angels, techniques and massage suites and rooms to create an atmosphere of trust and sensuality.

What is a Moja massage?

A Moja massage entails the fusion between the different techniques used during normal as well as sensual massage. Sensual and erotic massage come together seamlessly to create an erotic couples’ massage in Cape town that will absolutely blow your mind. With a combination of oils, tantalizing touches and a beautiful as well as professional masseuse, you and your partner will achieve new heights of pleasure and intimacy.  

What to expect?

The session involves the Singa body Angel, the female client and the male client. The massage begins with the masseuse and the male participant focusing on the female client, her pleasure comes first. The first half an hour is dedicated to the woman’s pleasure as she is the most important person in the room. The client will decide the boundaries with what she is comfortable with as well as boundaries and guidance set by the masseuse. With the use of exquisite coconut oil, the masseuse and the male client begin the massage and carry it through to the natural, ultimate conclusion. Soft, sensual touches to remove stress and increase healthy blood flow shift naturally into a delectable ending. Alternating to the next half an hour of the session, it is then the man’s turn to receive the treatment by both the woman and the masseuse. A delightful front and back full body-to-body massage by two beautiful women; sounds like heaven does it not? Both clients’ needs, male and female, are completely catered to, to leave you feeling relaxed and pleasured to bask in the afterglow.

When the session is over

Even though the nude couples massage is over, the pleasure doesn’t end. The clients will then be taken to a divine en suite bathroom where you and your partner can then take a revitalizing, steamy shower together to remove all excess oils while the room is then cleaned thoroughly to maintain a high level of sanitation and cleanliness for any other clients seeking the ultimate release. You and your partner will leave feeling refreshed, euphoric and satisfied. All feelings that will have long lasting effects well after the session is over.