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Discreet full body nude massage studio in Cape Town

Discreet full body nude massage studio in Cape Town


Body to body Erotic massage is a relaxation and rejuvenation practice that has been around for a very long time. For years sensual massage techniques have been practised and perfected to give the receiver all the benefits of a regular massage, as well as the delightful pleasure gained from the art of nude massage; a place where end to end discretion is key to protect the clients as well as the company’s privacy.


What to expect during a full body massage


When walking into the studio for your sensual nude massage in Cape Town, your senses are awakened to the divine scent of coconut and the beautiful and welcoming design of the interior. You will then be led to your room where the massage will take place. A delectable as well as thoroughly trained Singa Body Angel will then enter the room, disrobe and begin; she decides the boundaries of the massage to make you as well as her comfortable to insure a pleasurable experience, the masseuse is trained to make this flow seamlessly into the massage to not take away from the experience, the client is encouraged to respect these boundaries for an experience you both enjoy. 


Why indulge in a full body massage


Aside from relaxation and total pleasure many people reap many different benefits from massages. These include:


·         Stress relief

·         Relief of muscle and joint pain

·         Ecstatic release

·         Increase in blood flow


Why not take a chance to get these benefits amongst others for yourself? Have your body feel rejuvenated in a way you’ve never experienced before. Nothing helps one’s body relax like a body to body erotic massage and having an excellently trained masseuse at your beck and call to promote and prolong your longevity and send vital energy all throughout your body.


In conclusion


Have a fantasy come true and have many health benefits come your way all in one go. Slow sensual touches that switch between perfectly hard and feathery soft at the right time in the right places will surely take you to new heights. Once you get a taste you’ll always want more, which would never be a problem. You’d always be welcomed with opened arms.