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Four Hand Massage – Magically Erotic and Sensual Massage For Men

Four Hand Massage – Magically Erotic and Sensual Massage For Men

Are you perhaps new to Erotic massage in Cape Town? Or have some experience and want to indulge in something even better? The solution to this may very well be trying a four hand massage. This is something you can experience at Singa studios who offer a four hand massage called The Royal Duo Massage which incorporates you and two beautiful masseuses. When making the choice of experiencing the Royal Duo Massage you can be rest assured your needs will be met as the Singa Body Angels are trained in the art of massage as well as pleasure. It will have you be at the center of attention between two masseuses who alternate between synchronised and differing techniques on different parts of your body all at once. A Royal Duo Massage would double the benefits you receive from a normal as well as an erotic massage. A lot of clients who start out with the simpler but equally delectable full body massages return to delve a little deeper into a Royal Duo Massage and leave with no regrets after.

Why choose a Four hand massage?                           

As stated above, a four hand massage doubles the pleasure and benefits to your body that you receive from any two hand erotic massage. It allows for a higher more intense level of focus on all areas of the body at the same time whereas usually that focus would only be able to be on one part of your body at a time. Imagine how divine it must feel to be pampered by two beautiful women who are thoroughly trained to your relaxation all at once. Feeling the well placed and well-practiced synchronised movements simultaneously will be increasingly good for the body as well as the mind. The massage is based on indulgence as well as mutual respect, it is encouraged to respect the boundaries placed by the masseuses at all times for everything to run smoothly.

In Conclusion

The client can request whether they want to have the same or alternating techniques being used on your body at once, either way you walk away feeling way more relaxed. This affects your blood circulation, your muscles, your sleep and even your mental state before, during and after the massage. You leave feeling aglow with pleasure and freshness that will be long lasting, until the next time of course. Once you’ve experienced our Royal Duo Massage there’s no going back, the combination of two incredibly talented Singa Body Angels as well as the divine scent of the highest quality coconut massage oil is something only a select few get to be a part of. Why not make yourself one of those few?